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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Tokyo Sport Benefits Corporation and the Tokyo Football Association will be hosting the Tokyo U-14 International Youth Football Tournament 2016 in order to enhance the technical skills and mental fortitude of the young generation of global soccer players aiming to become the next generation of top athletes. The tournament will also raise competitive levels and contribute to next generation training and the sound development by promoting mutual understanding that goes beyond national borders.


Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Sport Benefits Corporation,Tokyo Football Association

Supported by

Japan Football Association, Japan Professional Football League, Setagaya City, Setagaya City Board of Education,
Tokyo Sports Association, Tokyo Junior High School Physical Culture Association, The Yomiuri Shimbun

Cooperation by

Setagaya Football Association, F.C.TOKYO, TOKYO VERDY, DAYS Production Committee


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Message from Mr. KITAZAWA

Since 2008, the Tokyo U-14 International Youth Football Tournament has been established as an international tournament held during Golden Week, and every year many fans and supporters as well as local people come to offer their support for this amazing event that is staged at Komazawa Olympic Park Stadium.

The young stars of the future will gather from all over the world to meet in Tokyo as they demonstrate a variety of playing styles in the highly competitive matches, and the players will also be able to discover different cultures as they interact with each other, which gives the event the same feeling as that of the Olympics or the World Cup. We are sure that everyone participating in the tournament will do so with a spirit of hospitality.

The lively South American teams were superior for many years, but last year Cairo selected team were the first time winners.

For the last five years, the Japan team has been far from being victorious.
As the host country, the aim is win the tournament, which we hope will liven up this tournament.

In January of this year, the young players of the U-23 Japan team guaranteed their appearance at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in August.
The team includes players who grew up participating in the Tokyo U-14 International Youth Football Tournament.

We look forward to seeing the teams play with all their strength in this tournament as the players look forward to the future. Let’s support world soccer and the future of Tokyo!

Tokyo U-14 International Youth Football Tournament Ambassador

Ambassador:Mr. KITAZAWA


May 1st (Sun) First round league matches 15:30~18:55
May 2nd (Mon) First round league matches 10:00~17:25
May 3rd (Tue) Second round league matches 10:00~15:25
May 4th (Wed) Second round league matches
Awards ceremony and Closing celemony
10:00~16:05  15:00~16:05[Final]

※ Schedule might be changed or updated without notice.

Venue  【Free】

Komazawa Olympic Park General Sports Ground,
Athletic Field, Supported Sports Ground, No.2 Ball Sports Ground



Juniors aged under 14 years (16 players), Team officials (4 persons)

Participating Cities

Beijing, Berlin, Cairo, Moscow, New South Wales, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Buenos Aires
Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tokyo

※ Participating cities or teams might be changed or updated without notice.

Related events

The soccer clinic and other events are planned at Stadium concourse.

※ Due to weather condition, events might be changed or updated without notice.